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The YoshiBlade Gets Two Thumbs Up and a High Recommendation

The YoshiBlade was recently reviewed by Top TV Stuff and was found to exceed its expectations. The reviewer had fallen in love with ceramic kitchenware and was dying to try the YoshiBlade. When she got it, she immediately tried it out by preparing a pear and walnut salad and the YoshiBlade chopped everything beautifully. “What I really liked was the weight of the knife in my hand — the blade to handle ratio was comfortably balanced so that, placing the tip of the knife on the cutting board, I was easily able to rock the knife back and forth to create even slices. It worked just as easily making a chiffonade of bok choy as it was dicing carrots for the soup,” she said.

To read the full review of the YoshiBlade, check out Top TV Stuff


YoshiBlade Lives up to its Claims

A review of the YoshiBlade was recently featured on Chamber of Reviews. He found that the YoshiBlade did live up to its claims and thought it to be a very useful kitchen tool if used properly. He did acknowledge that it is important to take proper care of the YoshiBlade and to be careful if cutting on hard surfaces as ceramic blades can chip. However, if used correctly ceramic knives, such as the YoshiBlade, will perform amazingly every time. If “used and maintained properly, the YoshiBlade can slice and chop just as advertised in the commercial,” he said.

To read the full review of the YoshiBlade, check out Chamber of Reviews


Yoshi Blade Receives Two Thumbs Up

The Yoshi Blade was recently reviewed by As-Seen-Reviews and found it to be a great knife! The review points out that ceramic blades will not rust or pit, which means they will last far longer than a steel knife as long as they are well cared for. The review said the Yoshi Blade “is a great product for restaurants and homes alike.”

To read the full review of the Yoshi Blade, check out As-Seen-Reviews


Yoshi Blade Rated 9 out of 10

The Yoshi Blade was recently reviewed on ReviewStream. The author found this knife easily surpassed its expectations in both sharpness and durability. She had no problem cutting tomatoes, which she expressed to be her least favorite thing to chop, and almost everything was far easier to chop with the Yoshi Blade than with a regular knife. To end her review, she said “This is a great and very affordable ceramic knife.”

To read the full Yoshi Blade Review, check out ReviewStream.


The Yoshi Blade is Comfortable to Use Even with Arthritis

Bob Unplugged recently reviewed the Yoshi Blade on his YouTube Channel. He found the Yoshi Blade to be impressively sharp and comfortable to hold, he points out that holding a knife can be difficult with arthritis but the Yoshi Blade feels great. He was able to slice both tomatoes and potatoes so thin that they were transparent slices. He said the blades are very sharp and very nice to use.

To watch the full review of the Yoshi Blade, check out Bob Unplugged


Yoshi Blade Receives an A+

The Yoshi Blade was recently reviewed by TheHorseFly87 on YouTube. He was skeptical about buying a ceramic knife because he had never tried one. But he found the Yoshi Blade to be amazingly sharp and fun to use. He tested the blade’s sharpness by dropping a tomato onto the blade to see if it would cut the tomato, and it did just that. He said “it cuts very, very well and you could get a lot of use out of it […] I give it an A+”.

To watch the full review of the Yoshi Blade, follow the link.


The Yoshi Blade is a Consumer Savvy Buy

The Yoshi Blade was recently reviewed on Consumer Savvy Tips and was found to be a bargain deal. The Yoshi Blade’s advantages were that it will never rust or go dull, and it is much sharper than steel knives. According to the review, “a ceramic blade knife won’t squish bread or vegetables when you try to cut through them. It’s an extremely sharp (EXTREMELY — be careful!) knife that can even slice the peel from a tomato.”

The review does point out that you need to be careful when using the Yoshi Blade, as it is slightly less durable than a steel knife, but the sharpness of the Yoshi Blade makes up for the added pressure needed with a steel knife. “If you hate to waste your time chopping and slicing, or if it drives you nuts when a loaf of bread or tomato squishes under the pressure of the knife, you’ll love the Yoshi Blade,” said the reviewer.

To read the full report, check out Yoshi Blade on Consumer Savvy Tips.


Once You Try the Yoshi Blade, You’ll Never Go Back to Steel

The Yoshi Blade was recently reviewed on a popular product review blog and was found to be very impressive and a great buy. The review found that the Yoshi Blade can easily, and cleanly, cut through bread, fruit, and vegetables and it will never get dull. “I have never owned such a great knife, and I use it for everything,” said the reviewer.

To read the full review of the Yoshi Blade just follow the link.


Kitchen Gadget Lovers Praise the Yoshi Blade recently featured a review of the Yoshi Blade on their website. The review and demonstration video both praise the quality of the YoshiBlade and would “totally recommend the YoshiBlade.”  The full review goes on to say how the “YoshiBlade stands up to many of its claims, sliding effortlessly through tomatoes, and cutting up other fruits and veggies with ease.”

The full review of the Yoshi Blade is available on the website, and the YoshiBlade demonstration video can be found by following the link.


Smart Moms Say Yoshi Blade is a Smart Choice

Natalie, from Smart Mom Picks, recently reviewed the YoshiBlade in her article, The YoshiBlade: An “As Seen On TV” Product That Works. Natalie spoke about her love of trying “As Seen On TV” and how she was wonderfully surprised by the quality of the YoshiBlade. Natalie said “It cuts quickly, effortlessly, and efficiently. […] You can cut on everything from raw and cooked meat to soft produce (like tomatoes) and even soft breads and cheeses.” The Yoshi Blade truly is a knife to replace all others.

Read more of Natalie’s review on the YoshiBlade:  The YoshiBlade: An “As Seen On TV” Product That Works

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