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Yoshi Blade Reviewed As One of the Best on the Market

Key Articles called Yoshi Blade one of the best knives on the market in their recent review of the product. The article said “The YoshiBlade lessens time of slicing the potatoes, and mangoes among other fruits”, which is helpful if you’re trying to prepare healthy food while managing a busy life. The YoshiBlade is perfect for chefs, homemakers, or anyone who likes to cook.

The full review of the YoshiBlade is available on the Key Articles website.


Some Views on the YoshiBlade

The Yoshi Blade Knife has been reviewed and discussed on ViewPoints.  This site seeks to “translate consumer experience into intelligence to help you narrow down your choices and make better decisions about the products in your life.”

Their page discussing the Yoshi Blade has a number of reviews and includes such comments as these:

“These knives are incredible!  Super super sharp….”

“My husband was very impressed with how easy it was to cut through our last Roast Beef dinner.  I found cutting a tomato to be very easy too.”

“Awesome knife and awesome price….”

“I experimented with our holiday ham and this ceramic knife was fantastic!  It was sharp and sliced the meat perfectly.”

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Getting Feisty with the YoshiBlade

The Yoshi Blade was recently reviewed by the “Feistycook” from

Feistycook reviews the YoshiBlade as she tests it out on tomatoes, lemons and onions.  “My husband tested the Yoshi Blade knife with tomatoes and he came up with paper thin cuts”, she says as she shows readers various pictures.  “He effortlessly sliced those lemon wedges. Yoshi Blade easily cuts and slices without too much effort. You won’t even feel like you’re actually cutting anything. The blade just eases into the item.”

Click here to see the full review



The Super Sharp YoshiBlade Knife

The YoshiBlade knife was recently reviewed by Epinions for its’ level of sharpness.

“I first used the Yoshi Blade Knife to slice a tomato” this reviewer begins.  “It’s really fun to use this knife because it does slice very thinly and the blade is super sharp.”

“The Yoshi Blade Knife also slices raw or cooked meat very easily.  It seems that no matter what job you present to this knife it handles it without any effort” the reviewer continues.

In conclusion this Epinions reviewer states “find this to be a super sharp knife….”

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NBC Station Declares Yoshi Blade One of the Best

New York’s “Today in New York” on NBC-4 recently considered the “best as Seen on TV Products” for their “Top 4″ segment and the Yoshi Blade made their short list of the best.   “Yes!  The Yoshi Blade” they declare.  “It is a ceramic knife that never goes dull.”

Watch the entire video segment below.



The YoshiBlade for Vegetarians

Sadie from Randomosity recently reviewed a number of “must have” kitchen gadgets for vegetarians and Yoshi Blade was on top of her list.

“The Yoshi Blade is absolutely awesome, and affordable” Sadie says as she reminds her readers that “you can’t cut vegetables with a dull knife.”

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YoshiBlade Reviewed by CBS Station

News anchor Jennifer Ketchmark of CBS station WCIA (central Illinois) reviewed the Yoshi Blade for their “Test it Tuesday” segment. 

She begins by discussing some of the many benefits of the product.  Ketchmark then says “the biggest thing about any kitchen product is ‘does it work?’ and ‘does it work whenever you need it?’  I have plenty of veggies here at home….let’s see how it does.”   She goes on to test the YoshiBlade on some potatoes, tomatoes, onions and she even tries some herbs. 

In closing she makes mentions of the bonus Yoshi Blade ceramic peeler and gives the YoshiBlade knife a “4 out of 5” rating.

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ABC News and Executive Chef Test the YoshiBlade

WVEC, the ABC station for the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, reviewed the YoshiBlade for their “Does It Work?” segment of their news show.  Tiffany Gatfield, Executive Chef at Back Bay Gourmet in Virginia Beach, was asked to help WVEC perform the tests.

Gatfield seemed skeptical about the YoshiBlade but was willing to give it a try.  She started by trying it on a boneless breast of chicken.  “Very sharp” she said, “It cuts like a regular knife.”  Gatfield then moved onto some bread with a crust.  “This is doing a really good job” she says.

It’s “…good that you can switch between things.  You don’t have to keep grabbing for another knife.”  But in the end did the somewhat skeptical Gatfield think the YoshiBlade works?  “Yes.  It works really well” she declares.

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Fox News Calls YoshiBlade a Deal

In a recent episode of Arizona’s Fox News 16’s “Deal or Dud” segment the YoshiBlade was put to the test.

Fox News asked Chef Peter Brave (from the Brave New Restaurant) to help them review the Yoshi Blade.  “He put the blade to work, chopping cucumbers with ease. Chef Peter also tried a simple experiment with a tomato falling onto the knife. In his test, the knife almost split the tomato in half. ‘For small and most home services I think it would be an absolutely wonderful blade,’ said Brave.”

Brave performed some other tests of the Yoshi Blade and the accompanying peeler over a two month period.  He was then asked whether they were a deal or a dud?  “”It’s a great deal’” Brave replies.  “’They performed wonderfully.’”

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YoshiBlade Wins Over the Skeptic

“I was very skeptical of the Yoshi Blade when I saw it on TV” admits Apperson for his review of the YoshiBlade knives.  “On most of the infomercials for knives, if you watch close, they’ll cut the can, lead pipe or (whatever they’re trying to dull it with) on the back of the blade and then slice the tomato really thin on the front. I was watching for this trick on the Yoshi Blade infomercial and didn’t see it. That got my attention and I started to pay closer attention after that.”

Apperson decides to buy and try the YoshiBlade knife and he shared his experiences with this review.  “Overall, I found the knife to be very good” he states.  After a few weeks passed Apperson provides an “update” saying “[s]o far I can not tell that they have dulled a bit. I have cut all types of vegetables without needing to resharpen it. I also have used it to cut and trim meat. It’s one of my favorite knives in my drawer.”

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